To create custom fields for the offer submission system, click on 'offer manager' first. Next, click on 'custom offer fields'. Now we'll add all of the possible fields you might want in your offer submission system. We can select the type of field it will be (text, dropdown list, or date field). Name the field, and fill out the maximum length for a text field, or type in your list options if it is a dropdown field type.

After we've created our fields, we can make them into a template. Click over from 'Add Custom Fields' to 'Custom Field Templates'. Here you will need to give the template a name and select which fields will show up for this template. You can select to apply this template to all properties by default (you can change it if necessary). Click on view/edit on a listing within the listing manager. Then click on 'offers', then one more click on 'offer submission system'. You will see near the bottom the dropdown list for your custom offer templates. Select which template you want for list listing and hit save changes.